This tour is a combined overview of the most important landmarks, the history of Dubrovnik and its role as King’s Landing in the mega-popular Game of Thrones series. First find out how Dubrovnik came to be, how it grew and lived throughout the turbulent centuries. Then immerse yourselves into the world of Ice and Fire, that is Game of Thrones, and you will soon realize why the writer [David Benioff] of that globally popular series said the following: “The first time we saw Dubrovnik it was a shock because the whole city really looked the way we pictured King’s Landing”. During the tour we intermittently cover both real history of Dubrovnik and the filming locations of GOT scenes. We avoid crowded streets and instead walk through the hidden alleys, so that we approach main landmarks of the Old City from non-mainstream directions. You will see:  The Bay of Kolorina (the Blackwater Bay), the Fortress of Saint Lawrence (the Red Keep), the Pile Gate (the western gates and moat), the Large Onofrio’s Fountain, the Jesuit Stairway (the Walk of Shame), the Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace, the Main City Square, Orlando’s Column, the Sponza Palace and more… the visit to the Irone Throne (replica) is optional at the end of the tour!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Level: Light

Children-friendly: NO (under 10 years of age)

Wheelchair-friendly: NO 

Maximum group: 25 participants

Price per person: 


  • professional tour guidance


  • admission tickets
  • any other personal expenses or extras that are not stated above


  1. The tour was 12 out of 10! Viktor is very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend this tour. If you just walk in the city center, you won’t know so much local background. He told us the complete historical story of the entire city, from ancient times to the present. Not only that, but the GOT scenes are also introduced in great details. In addition to these, he led us on the small alleys of the city, listening to those stories, as if I really lived here and experienced it all! Choosing True Dubrovnik Tours itinerary is the best choice I made in this city 🙂

  2. Viktor was a fantastic guru 🙂 The tour was much better than I expected. His style was fun and the historical information was excellent. I thought the walk was too long when I first read about it but the time fly by.

  3. My friends and I had a great afternoon with Viktor! He is warm, friendly, and thoughtful. He was able to show me places I might not have found on my own and explain great deal of some interesting connections with Game of Thrones. He also was very knowledgeable about the history of Dubrovnik dating from the past to present. The tour made me see the beautiful city more than just an ordinary tourist hotspot.

    Thank you, Viktor!

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