After you get the know more about the construction of Dubrovnik and its long political history, loose yourself to the world of Ice and Fire and visit the most important filming locations of the immensely popular series of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik, also known as the Pearl of Adriatic, has the role of King’s Landing, the capitol of Westeros. Since the Season 2 till the last Season (spoiler alert!) many scenes of the GOT series had been filmed here. Discover the location(s) of the Red Keep, the Blackwater Bay, Walk of Shame stairs and much more. The visit to the Irone Throne (replica) is optional at the end of the tour!

Duration: 2 hours

Level: Light

Children-friendly: NO (under 10 years of age)

Wheelchair-friendly: NO 

Maximum group: 25 participants

Price per person: 


  • professional tour guidance


  • admission tickets
  • any other personal expenses or extras that are not stated above

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